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Dum Dum Girls “Lost Boys and Girls Club”

November 18, 2013

Hey Folks,
It has been far too long since I heard anything from dream garage rocker Dee Dee Penny and her cohorts Dum Dum Girls. Their last EP “End of Daze” was one of the best releases of ’12 and I’m simply and utterly stoked to see what these fine ladies have in store in the coming year. Their new album “Too True” drops on January 28th (happy birthday to yours truly) and the lead single “Lost Boys and Girls Club” grooves along sexily with a killer melodic hook that is almost too big for the heavens to encompass…and don’t get me started on the guitar tone. The visuals of this video should be trippy enough for even the craziest of cats out there.

Preorder the goodness here:

and find out more about Dum Dum Girls here:
I super love their site. It’s so aesthetically pleasing.
ALSO…I encourage you ALL to follow Dum Dum Girls on Facebook which you can do HERE: Dee Dee seriously runs one of my FAV artist pages out there. Super personal and she is constantly posting links to some killer jams. HIGHLY recommend.

well peace out good people of the world,

Peter Winter


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