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Meet the Continental Co-Ets (Better late than never)

November 28, 2013

Hey Folks,

Whilst on the un-ceasing hunt for new music, there is nothing QUITE like that moment when you stumble on a song that completely kicks your head in. The idea that this record has been waiting dormant for sometimes decades, just waiting for you to come along so it could freeze your blood and blow you out of your shoes makes it all the more powerful. It’s an amazing thing, and for me this is part of the wonder and beauty of recorded music: the idea that a MOMENT in time when something achingly exceptional happened can, by the alchemy of man, be preserved for all of those good people who were not lucky enough to be around the first time it happened.
Anyway though, I digress (it is the day before T-Givings). The recording in question that I have been waxing philosophical about is this super nasty rocking tune from 1964 (or ’65 depending on who tells the story) titled “I Don’t Love You No More” by the all girl band The Continental Co-Ets. It would probably be good for all of you to know that when so called “rock historians” start casting around for contenders to fit the bill of “first ever all girl band” or some such title, these Minnesota ladies come up for the prize as much as anyone does. The Continental Co-Ets released two singles (neither with a major label) and toured through the American Midwest and Canada for a couple years before life stepped in as it sometimes does in the forms of college, marriage, and all those crazy shenanigans.

But let’s just talk about this SONG. Man what a sweet, sweet slice of garage this is. So many great moments. When drummer Vicki Steinman leads in with that caveman beat for the first five seconds, the snarling surf licks of guitarist Carol Goins, the gang vocals as the Co-Ets chant out “I DON’T LOVE YA NO MORRRRREEE” on the chorus.  I’m also a major sucker for that little catch or warble or whatever it is in the lead vocalist’s  throat when she hits the “MOOORRRRREE” on the chorus.  I say “vocalist” because sadly I can’t track down which of the Co-Ets sang lead.   I’ll let you know as soon as I do friends, don’t sweat it.  I do know that lead guitarist Carol Goins was the principle song writer.

The real triumph for me in this song is the instrumental middle eight ( that’s the bridge  for all those of you not in the know). By early 60s standards this song is far from concise (a solid 30 seconds longer than the sacred 2:30 Beatles pop length) and I rejoice in the length of the instrumental minor blues kicking in at 1:40. Gosh it makes me happy.  Milk that jam.

As I said, the Co-Ets dropped only two singles during their brief span of glory. Sadly, “I Don’t Love You No More” has yet to see a release, but the equally rocking slightly more ambitious,”Let’s Live For The Present” has gotten re-pressed and re-released by Get Hip Recordings and can be purchased here. Check it out if you love the sound of these ladies or if you want to buy me something for Christmas:

Also, there isn’t a whole lot of info out there about The Co-Ets, but this article is a solid place to start if you want to know more:

The Continental Co-Ets

These Fine Ladies Made Some Sweet, Sweet Music…

The Continental Co-Ets did AMAZING things, and they deserve to be heard and to be rocked out to.  Hope you enjoy.

well peace out good people of the world,

Peter Winter


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