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“Dust In The Gold Sack” by Swearin’

December 3, 2013

Hey Folks,

Well as life would have it just as 2013 is starting to show its mortality, I run smack dab into one of my FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE hands down musical discoveries of the year. “Swearin'” is the name of this Philly/Brooklyn based outfit and I dig them like a mole in a hole. “Pop Punk” is a genre that gets thrown at them as much as anything, but before your mind flits away to songs about wasting your life watching re-runs on your mom’s couch and engaging in all sorts of school boy excess (not that there’s anything wrong with songs about this) hear me out. Swearin’ possess a “pop” element in that they have amazing melodic choruses that make you want to sing along the first time you hear ’em, but don’t doubt the punk street cred going down here. The guitars are nasty, noizey, and the vocals on the album are mixed so to barely just get over the top of the sonic hoopla. In short, I’m in wild, mad, passionate music love with this crew.

Did I mention they can WRITE?

The track I’ve posted here, a stripped down version of, “Dust In The Gold Sack” the opening track off their 2013 sophomore album “Surfing Strange,” opens thusly:

“Stale Light, Night on the turnpike
Like the crunch of the black ice, and the buzz of the Semis”

Thank God for people who use adjectives. That’s how you start a song, not to mention open an album. I love me any one who can take language by the throat and make it THEIRS and so communicate in a way that is wholly unique. Later in the song, Swearin’ drops lines like, “your grudge is unrequited.” Who talks like that?! Swearin’ does…and ya’ll should listen.

I highly suggest you track down the music of this great crew. Because they are fantastic people, you can buy their freaking LP for a mere $10.

They are also on iTunes for those of you who for favor the world of digital media.

Like most of their fellows in the DIY Punk Scene, Swearin’ isn’t exactly all over social media, but I still encourage you to follow them on Facebook.

Well folks! Hope you all dig it! Like I said “Dust in The Gold Sack” has quickly risen very high in my favorite song pantheon and I just had to share it with all you crazy cats. I like the song so much in fact, that I’m going to post it twice for all of you. This version is live, full band, loud, and makes you want to scream every single lyric out the open window of your car as you hurtle down the dark turnpike of life’s winding uncertainty.

Which in the end, is what any good song should do. It’s sure nice when one hits the target.

well peace out good people of the world,

Peter Winter

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