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Christmas Jams & Yuletide White Noise

December 11, 2013

Hey Folks,

I have rather a complicated relationship with Christmas Music. I love it. I really do. However I’m far from one of those people who starts spinning “White Christmas” midway through July. There’s so much music for me to listen to that I can hold off on listening to songs about Winter Wonderlands till there is actually Winter to wonder at. But this year in particular, I’ve been really hankering since mid October to listen to some of my fav Yuletide gems.  Well we are at the height of it now aren’t we? Here are three tunes that put me in the mood for The Most Wonderful Time of The year.  I’ve tried to find songs that might not come up instantly on everyone’s Yuletide radar. We all love Herr Bingle, but let’s try and broaden our horizons right? Well dear reader with out further ado…Here is the All The Day Sounds Christmas Pick Part 1:

1. She & Him “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas”

Ok, so this album is FAR from an obscurity, but I just had to include it, as dropping the needle on this Red Candy Colored Vinyl whilst soaking in the beauty of my Christmas Tree is one of my favorite of Holiday Traditions. The song that we all associate with this album is of course the charming take on “Christmas Waltz,” but my personal fav on the record is their stripped down, slightly swung take on this Judy Garland classic.

2. Sting “Christmas at Sea”

Sting’s Christmas album “If On A Winter’s Night” is far from typical Holiday music territory. We are thrown deep into the classic English Carols of yore.  I highly recommend this record, though it may take a listen or two to get used to hearing Sting softly crooning “Lo How a Rose E’er Blooming.”  “Christmas at Sea” is a gem off this record, with a haunting hook and lyrics snagged from the master of my childhood reading, Mr. Robert Louis Stevenson.

4.   Fiona Apple “Frosty The Snowman”

The 2008 Christmas Sampler,”The Hotel Café Presents Winter Songs” has more great tunes on it than anything else.  True, Katy Perry’s take on “White Christmas” kinduv flails around until the last 30  seconds where she finally decides how she wants to sing it (and I say this as a true blue katykat) but the gold nuggets on this record can not be ignored. Seriously, “Winter Song” by Ingrid Michaelson and Sara Bareilles alone is worth the price of admission.  Fiona Apple though distances herself from the pack with this ragtime style finger picking’ take on Frosty’s exploits.  It’s such an effortlessly magical take on the song that one is almost tempted to drop a really powerful adjective: “definitive.”

I know I know, so many Christmas Classics that didn’t make it to this short and sweet listing.  Fear not good readers! This is but “Part 1.” We shall continue this little Christmas Musical Jaunt some time soon, I promise. In the mean time, enjoy these tunes! I hope perhaps I’ve turned you on to something that deepens your appreciation of this most magical season of the year, or perhaps validated your musical taste by praising a Christmas song that you have long loved. Drop me a line if you think there’s a song that just MUST be on part 2!

well peace out good people of the world,

Peter Winter


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