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Christmas Jams & Yuletide White Noise: The Continuing Story

January 8, 2014

Hey Folks,

Well you cool cats, It HAS been a while hasn’t it? We had such a great thing going didn’t we dear readers? Then of course there has to be a hitch. That’s life isn’t it? The “hitch” I’m speaking of is not of course one of Will Smith’s signature roles, but rather the fact that after a good kick of regular posting, I vanished for about a month. Didn’t call, didn’t write…I was a bad boyfriend, and I’m oh so sorry.  In my defense, my band  was on tour and I didn’t really have a moment to think much less write.  Anyway folks.  It’s a NEW DAY! It’s a NEW YEAR! I’m ready to return and share all my fav jams with you good people of the world.  There are wonderful things in store for this little ol’ blog in 2013 and I really want you along for the ride. So with out further ado lets get down to it:

Christmas Jams & Yuletide White Noise: The Continuing Story

Some of you might be raising them eyebrows at this point? MORE Christmas music? Here’s the dealio folks: I’ve had this post waiting in the hopper since Early December. I’m crazy about these songs and I want you to hear ’em too. I ain’t waiting a year to share this goodness. So you can all get your holiday cheer on for at least three more tunes.  Also I’m  Catholic and in the early church we all rocked Christmas till early February.

Jessica Lea Mayfield “Little Toy Trains” by Roger Miller

If you have not yet gotten into the wonder that is Jessica Lea Mayfield, I’m happy to introduce the two of you. Miss Mayfield is a singer songwriter from Ohio, and entrenched in the same scenes and circles as bands such as The Black Keys and The Avett Brothers.  Dan Auerbach had production credits on her first two albums, she provides backing vox on “Things Ain’t Like They Used To Be” off The Keys’ album  Attack and Release, and a quick youtube search of “Jessica Lea Mayfield Avett Brothers” will reveal countless musical sessions and team ups.  Jessica has a perfect drawl to match her stark, dark, brutally honest songs of love gone horrifically wrong, and I am beyond pumped for her third record due out in 2014. Her take on Roger Miller’s “Little Toy Trains” can be found on the Christmas compilation “My Favorite Gifts” (the album also includes tracks by her brother David Mayfield, David Wax Museum, and The Avett Brothers) can be bought and payed for here:

I’m going to direct you all to this live version she played with her equally talented brother David Mayfield.  For the record, I was at this very show…enjoy.

Amanda Duncan “Light Those Candles Bright”

Ok you thought the CHRISTMAS music was late?! Try this HANUKKAH jam on for size.  Seriously folks, Adam Sandler has had the Hanukkah music market cornered for far too long and I’m so glad that the wonderfully talented Amanda Duncan has thrown her hat into the ring.  This song makes me amazingly excited to celebrate a holiday that I do not even observe.  What ever Holidays you rock out to, this gem deserves to be heard.  Well done Amanda. Well done.

The Crystals “Santa Clause is Coming to Town”

I am such a crazy sucker for 60s Girl Groups. Let’s be honest, some of the GREATEST pop music ever recorded. EVER. Those records legit just leap out of the grooves.  I’m talking songs like “Heat Wave” by Martha Reeves and The Vandellas, or “Please Mr. Postman” by The Marvelettes.  Everything I love about the genre can be found in perfection on this amazing Phil Spector cut by The Crystals.  This isn’t just a killer Christmas song folks, It’s just KILLER pop music. The whole thing just HURTLES forward the second the spoken word intro trails off.  Don’t even get me started on that chorus, “SAAAANNNNNTA CLAUSE IS COMIN’ TO TOWN!” It has become such a classic element of this song, aped by everyone from The Boss to Jackson 5, and The Crystals did it first and best.

Alright Folks, hope you enjoyed this last hurrah of Yuletide Cheer before we get on with our lives…Maybe we’ll do it all again in July?

well peace out good people of the world,

Peter Winter


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