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Top Five Fridays: Jeff Bolt

January 17, 2014
Hey Folks,
Welcome Welcome Welcome to this edition of Top Five Fridays!  The exciting part of the week where cool people drop by All The Day Sounds to share some of their fav records with the rest of us mere mortals.  Last week we kicked off with a fantastic first installment with Portland Band Genders hooking us up with some of the happening jams they listened to on the road in 2013. You can read that installment by finding it in the ol’ sidebar, or just scrolling down. Well this week folks, the goodness just CONTINUES with Jeff Bolt the drummer of both Swearin’ and Radiator Hospital, as well as proprietor of Stupid Bag Records (DIY label out of Philly dealing mostly in Cassette Tapes) giving us his top five.


Radiator Hospital

Radiator Hospital

Jeff Bolt is a busy man. Not only did both of his bands release FANTASTIC records last year (to hear me gush over Swearin’ please see the side bar) but he continues to tour with both of them.  On top of that, since 2011 Jeff has been the man behind Stupid Bag Records, a label devoted to music that Jeff thinks needs to get out there.  He describes it as, “That’s really what doing this label is about for me, putting out stuff by my friends without any other goal than to just have it available. That’s why you don’t see adds or posts on message boards or much of an internet presence. I dug deep to find out about bands when i was getting into punk and it felt rewarding to find some weird band that changed your outlook on music, or that just stuck with you for a long time.  Most folks will never know what it is, but for the folks that do stumble on it will find some really cool music.”
I’m not sure how he does it all folks, but I’m glad he does.  In the midst of the crazy life of Jeff, he was good enough to kick us some CHOICE recommendations and explain why they make it into his top five.  Fasten your seatbelt folks, some killer stuff happening here:

“Captian Beyond was an early 70’s dirty heavy psych rock band from California. They were an early on “supergroup” that for some reason never stood out like some of their similar sounding contemporaries (Allman Brothers Band, Deep Purple, etc). They were made up of Rod Evans of Deep Purple on vocals, Bobby Caldwell of Johnny Winter, and Lee and Rhino from Iron Butterfly.  This is in my opinion the greatest rock and roll record ever made, it’s totally flawless.  It’s heavy and driving, and slows down and spaces out with a natural movement. do drugs and listen to this record.”

“I downloaded this record off of Soulseek about 10 years ago because i found out that Al Burian was in the band, and at the time i was a big fan of Milemarker.  I spent the next 7 years looking for a copy on vinyl.  When i finally bought it, it was from my roommate at the time who would sell at record shows around the Michigan area. I showed up to one of the shows and it was in one of his boxes for a whopping $3.  Hellbender was an emo/punk band in the 90’s.  Con Limon stands out as their best record.  It also by chance is better than most everything else at that time.”


“I have a (maybe) un-popular opinion where i don’t like Billy Bragg full band stuff.  This album however is something i can put on almost anytime and really enjoy it.  It has a great mix of politics and love songs, great lyrics and hooks, prety much everything that i want out of a record. Everyone knows who Billy Bragg is, i don’t need to explain him to anyone.”

Radon “28”


“Duh… it’s fucking Radon.”

Sweet Baby “It’s a Girl”


“Sweet Baby was a pop punk band from Berkeley that took the pop portion to another level.  They sounded like a punk version of the Beatles, Everly Brothers or any similar 50’s-60’s style pop band.  This band was either in or went on to form Samiam, Mr. T Experience, Knapsack, the Bomb Bassets, and also featured Aaron Cometbus, and Ivy from Miami, Allergic to Bullshit, and Black Rainbows.for a brief time.  This LP came out on Ruby Records and did pretty poor.  They still have an under recognized genius to this day.  Figure out how to find this and get into it.”

Thanks Jeff!

Alright folks THANK YOU for tuning in this week! Always a pleasure.  Do yourself a favor and not only check out Jeff’s picks today, but also his various projects.  The best place to listen to Swearin’ and find their show dates is probs their bandcamp to be found HERE.

They also have a tumblr and Facebook where stuff gets posted once in awhile…so keep your wits about you and be thorough.

Radiator Hospital is so freaking catchy and truly demands your attention.

Finally go poke around Stupid Bag.  I can not WAIT to get my hands on GREAT THUNDER’s new cassette tape “Groovy Kind of Love.”  it’s going to be epic.

well peace out good people of the world,

Peter Winter

tweeting @peterwinter38

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