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Tuesday Live: Why Governors Ball is my Festival of Choice in ’14

January 21, 2014

Tuesday Live: Why Govenors Ball is my Festival of Choice in 14

Hey Folks,

So it’s not Festival Season per se, but it’s really the peak of Pre-Festival Season.  All the lineups are pretty much in now, and if you’re a crazy music person, or are friends with crazy music people you are just getting over Facebook being inundated with posts about

1) How Coachella’s line up sucks this year


2) You’re heartbroken you don’t have the funds to go.

Before I go further, I must make a disclaimer: I’m really not SUPER crazy about the festival lineups this year.  I thought LAST year was crazy off the hook.  The fact that YEAH YEAH YEAHS were playing most of them was probably a large contributing factor to this.  But let’s be honest, check out this poster of Firefly 2013:

Tom Petty, RHCP, YYYs, MGMT…I legit would just repeat the whole poster if I told you all the acts I was pumped about on this poster.

Tom Petty, RHCP, YYYs, MGMT…I legit would just repeat the whole poster if I told you all the acts I was pumped about on this poster.

In 1964, Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart described the process of identifying whether or not something is porn as “I know it when I see it.” I kinduv echo that process when it comes to Festival line ups. I feel like a GREAT Festival line up should give that feeling of My Birthday, Christmas, Easter, and Star Wars Day all wrapped into one. The feeling that not only is ONE band you would drive over 6 hours to see is playing a show, but 16 bands you would throw down those miles for are playing…ALL IN THE SAME PLACE.  You can’t force the crazy giddy fall out of that realization, and I’ll be honest I didn’t REALLY get it this year. I will also say that I was rather bitter that  some of my favorite artists were not playing more festivals (Waxahatchee and Sky Ferreira ONLY playing at ‘chella? Did the rest of you promotors fall asleep at the wheel during booking season?!)

Now at this point dear reader, I’ve had your attention for awhile and I haven’t actually gotten to the (ahem) point of the post yet. Thanks for putting up with me folks, here we go:

Governors Ball has the official All The Day Sounds Pick this year (at least in terms of line up).

I say BASED on lineup cause I recognize that there is alot more to a festival than purely lineup (vibe/atmosphere…all that).  However when it comes to BANDS Governors ball has it for me.  If you’re still reading at this point dear readers (God Bless You) follow me just a little further in to the Rabbit Hole as I share with you  live videos from 5 of the artists playing this festival.  Yes. Only 5. I would love to post more. Trust me. I would love to write a long rant on every single artist on this lineup that makes me want to rain dance in my backyard, but none of us have time for that.  If you are all really crestfallen and curious to see more from where this came from, let me know in the comments and I will post a part 2.  I will also personally deliver chocolates and flowers to your house since you were the first one to comment on my blog. Ever.  Anywho, with out further ado, Here are live vids of five of my FAV artists playing Governors Ball:

The Kills

The Musical Story of the 2000s is that The Kills went and made some of the greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll albums of all time. ALL TIME.  Enjoy their live majesty in this great vid of their song “Sour Cherry”  from their full concert live video “Paris: Spleen.”

Shameless Self Promotion: Feel free to read this review your’s truly wrote on The Kills 2011 album “Blood Pressures”  for

Sleigh Bells

I would be a little worried putting Sleigh Bells next to The Kills lest some pretentious Philistine suggest the two bands sound the same. Granted, both bands are guy/girl duos with guitars and drum tracks but that’s where the comparison ends. Both these bands are pure Rock ‘n’ Roll in very different ways.  Sleigh Bells embraces massive noise-pop hooks in a way The Kills never would.  I am beyond stoked to see both these bands play on the same bill.  Dig this vid of Sleigh Bells’ show-stopping, face-melting classic “Infinity Guitars.”


Jump on this bandwagon folks, because Lucius is coming up fast and hard. Their debut record Wildewoman (an amazingly confident pop album that took it’s influences of 60s Girl Groups and light indie folk to new amazing heights of tastiness) was not only one of last year’s BEST records, but this band possesses serious live chops (especially vocally) and is going to go big places this year. Mark my words.  Dig this version of their beautiful heartbreaker, “Two Of Us On The Run.”

Diarhhea Planet

When you begin to endorse bands with names like “Diarhhea Planet” you either become an (A) idiot, or (B) pretentious. Or perhaps (C) some sort of combined form of pretentious idiot.  Thankfully, these Nashville guitar shredders are so freaking GOOD, that I will share videos and rock out to them and not really CARE what that makes me. Any band that can have 4 guitars work this well gets all my loving.  4 Guitars! That could be a disaster! Instead, it’s just a massive wall of fuzzed out rock goodness. They are currently touring with Rock ‘n’ Rollers Those Darlins…I can’t wait.  This track is a doozy called “Separations.”

Jack White

Jack White doesn’t really like festivals. Also, he has not had a wonderful track record of playing in New York as of late, but DOGGONE IT IS HE IN HIS PRIME.  I’m a crazy White Stripes fan, so it’s very hard for me to come out and say “HE SOUNDS THE BEST HE HAS EVER SOUNDED!!”  Rather I will say that it is amazing to hear these songs opened up in a new way by the disgustingly amazing crack shot bands Jack tours with (the all female The Peacocks and the male band  The Buzzards).  With two albums potentially in the hopper for this year, it’s going to be a good year for Jack White.  Also, this is legit the ONLY festival that Jack is, as of now, on the bill for.  Here is a video of Jack playing massive anthem…oh for goodness sake…like you don’t know.

DISCLAIMER: I’m not some guitar snob. I KNOW Outkast is playing. They are wonderful. I’m beyond stoked to have them playing. But they are FREAKING Outkast, do you really need me to tell you about them?

Governors Ball is running June 6-8th and it ain’t sold out yet…! Maybe I’ll see you there…

well peace out good people of the world,

Peter Winter.

PS. Also you can now follow me on twitter if that is your speed. handle is @peterwinter38


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