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Video Of The Week: Bob Dylan “Beyond Here Lies Nothing”

January 29, 2014

Hey Folks,

So for today’s video of the week, we’re bouncing back to 2009 for a cut from Bob Dylan’s “Together Through Life” album.  The record has a heck of a lot of accordion on it, was recorded with the band (including freakin’ Mike Campbell on guitar) and Bob singing around one mike (because Bob said he wanted to make records like Bing Crosby), and has in my opinion, a KILLER cover:


My dear readers some just buy me a freaking poster of that already…dang that is fine.

I love the swampy, end of the line, cantina feel of the record.  I’ll also be honest, I’m a sucker for Bob’s later era of work.  I love the fact that he now sounds like he swallowed Tom Waits.  Anywho though, this here video today is the opening track of that record, “Beyond Here Lies Nothing.”  The verses are simple pledges of love (Oh well, I love you, pretty baby/You’re the only love I’ve ever known)  however, those verses are always shadowed by the sobering chorus, “Beyond Here Lies Nothin.”  This video directed by Nash Edgerton just perfectly compliments this deceptively simple song about the lights and darks of love.  I’ll let you watch it, for yourselves….so go. go right now. I’ll wait till you get back….

Back? Crazy huh? I love it.  It’s intense not gonna lie.  You’re either gonna love it or hate it (kinduv like Bob Dylan in general).  For me though I look at this video as almost a metaphor for addiction. You battle to get away from it, it’s killing you, and then you go right back and kiss it full on the mouth.  Them’s my thoughts on the matter.

Anywho folks, I hope you dug the video!  Thanks for checking us out and keep tuning in for more exciting things from us!  We here at All The Day Sounds have some crazy stuff in the hopper!

well peace out good people of the world,

Peter Winter

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