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Tuesday Jams: Lydia Loveless, Slander, HTRK, Jessica Lea Mayfield

February 25, 2014

Hey Folks,

It’s been too long! I hope you all have been well.  As life goes speeding by us, 2014 is continuing to be a killer year for music, so with out further ado here’s some crazy good tunes that this good year just recently dropped and I hope to brighten your day with.  So who says Tuesday has to be a beast? Probably cause it kinduv is…But take a moment, plug in some headphones while the boss isn’t looking and enjoy some of these new jams that I think you’ll all enjoy…

1. Lydia Loveless “To Love Somebody”


Add this fine rockin, alt country lady to the continuing musical goodness coming out of Ohio.  With shout outs from the likes of Rolling Stone as an artist to watch in 2014, Lydia Loveless is out to turn heads this year equipped with her brand spankin’ new album “Somewhere Else.”  Miss Loveless has the kind of voice that conveys the character, authority, and heartbreak that her biting, insightful lyrics demand.  The true country roots of this record run deep, with an emotional, honky-tonk warble in Lydia’s take no prisoners vox that would make Hank Williams proud.  The angry, defiant, punk pulse here completes the package.

2. Slander “fuzzy mouth/psyche”

Some of you readers will remember Slander from a couple weeks back when they contributed to Top Five Fridays (The part of the show where super cool people provide me with five records they have been digging lately).  The New England Rockers have returned with a new single in February and it’s so killer.  Both songs show the band’s ace skills at crafting songs with big choruses that still inhabit a darkly smokey groove.  Singer Julia Farrar unleashes some killer vocal pyrotechnics in “fuzzy mouth” that I can not get enough of.

3. HTRK “Blue Sunshine”


Pronounced “Hate Rock” These dark electronic rockers have been around since the early 2000s but I’m just getting into them now due to a shout out about their new album from the band Savages.  Besides being one of the most intense live acts around in my opinion, Savages is constantly using their social media to plug other amazing artists, so I highly suggest giving them a follow.  HTRK have a new record coming out this year (add it to the pile of goodness!) and “Blue Sunshine” has me constantly hitting repeat.  It’s the kind of song you wish was actually ten minutes long.

4. Jessica Lea Mayfield “I Wanna Love You”

With the new track “I Wanna Love You,” which she dropped here on stereogum, Jessica Lea Mayfield has officially cemented “Make My Head Sing”  as my most highly anticipated album of 2014.  From the moment of the guitar intro, we know that JLM is finally delivering the heavy attitude, grunge influenced record she was always capable of from the get go.  As Jessica’s country drawl effortlessly glides into the chorus of this pop-grunge gem that hearkens back to (yes I’m going to go there) Cobain himself, all while  preserving her own identity, we realize she is making the record we always wanted her to.

Well folks hope you enjoyed these tunes!  This is going to be a great week here at All The Day Sounds, with new reviews, videos, and the RETURN of Top Five Fridays with some CRAZY talent.  So stay tuned and thanks for checking in!

well peace out good people of the world,

Peter Winter



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