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Much Belated Valentines Mixtape I: Downers

March 4, 2014

Hey Folks,

So, we just blew through February, Valentines Day…all that jazz.  Dang.  February is a fantastic month to be posting about music, probably because some of the best music comes from either the sheer joys of romantic bliss, represented here by this image of Gene Kelly in all his soggy infatuation:


I’m Singin’ in the Rain!

Or the deep dark emotional toilet of heartbreak, represented here by an image of that hero of  music nerds and emotional adolescents in general, Rob Gordon:

Did I listen to pop music because I was miserable? Or was I miserable because I listened to pop music?

Did I listen to pop music because I was miserable? Or was I miserable because I listened to pop music?

It is that very “dark emotional toilet” that we are going to celebrate today with this lil’ ol’ mixtape I’ve created for you all, entitled “Downers.”  Will there one day be an “Uppers” mixtape to balance out this compilation of romantic rejection? You Betcha. It is currently under construction Dear Reader, don’t you worry.  It just happened to be way easier and more fun to put together the Dismal end of the emotional spectrum first.

Note on the Peter Winter School of mixtape construction:


The key to a good mixtape (IMHO) is balance.  I’m sure you all know that. For “Downers,”  I’ve tried to keep it stylistically varied (Where else do you get to go from Katy Perry to Peggy Lee to Jack White in three moves?) but also varied in terms of the overall obscurity of the artists.  I personally find it exhausting to digest a mix tape with all stuff I’ve never heard of, so I like to buffer the new discoveries with some classics.  Remember, this should be FUN.  So that’s how it rolls here.  Judy Garland, The Black Keys,  and Ben Folds Five are certainly no secrets, but think of them as fun recognizable interludes to get you into some fantastic new stuff that you may have yet to hear,  including: Radiator Hospital (read their drummer Jeff Bolt’s Top Five Fridays) The Lovely Bad Things, Those Darlins and The Echo-Friendly.  Special shout out to The Echo Friendly.  The way they bring this mix to a close with their perfect pop hooks and bluntly honest lyrics is simply a masterpiece.

I also have another category represented here that means a lot to me: Obscure tracks by totally well known artists.  One of my main peeves with radio, is that not only is it about the same 8 artists, but only about 3 possible songs that could get played by each of them.  I think the real gem of a “deep cut” here is “Hope You Never” one of the best Tom Petty SONGS you’ve never heard, from the ingloriously named “Songs and Music From The Motion Picture She’s The One,” perhaps the best Tom Petty ALBUM you’ve never listened to. It’s from his glorious 90s era run with Rick Rubin, and the quality of the material on this record is EASILY just as good as his much more celebrated “Wildflowers” or (dare I say it) “Full Moon Fever.” Some day I’m going to write a review on that sucker.  Anywho, enjoy the tape folks!  I’ll see you all soon!

well peace out good people of the world,

Peter Winter



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