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Top Five Fridays: creepoid

March 7, 2014

Hey Folks,

Welcome back to another exciting installment of Top Five Fridays, the part of the show where we track down some happening cats to hook us up with some of the tunes they’ve been jamming out to lately!  For today’s edition, I am stoked to welcome Philly rockers creepoid.  The band is hot off the release of their newest album, the self titled “Creepoid,” which dropped this month and has been getting crazy good press from far and wide.



Apparently no one remembered to tell creepoid about the whole “sophomore slump” thing, because their second record is nothing short of magnificent.  It is a dark, dreamy collection of songs that lose none of their punch in the hazy atmosphere of the album.  “Creepoid” is the kind of LP you want to listen to in one sitting, despite the fact that all these songs stand on their own incredibly well.  Check it out folks, because at the end of 2014 this is going to be one of the records you remember.  So with our further ado dear friends, give it up for creepoid’s top five:

Silver JewsAmerican Water” 1998


“A tour van mandatory! David Berman is a lyrical Genius”
“One of the best records on the 90’s. Highly influential.”
“Killer jams. The flow on this record is amazing.”
“This record came out of nowhere! Saw em play and it was mind blowing. This bands original lineup had Jay Reatard. Band leader Ryan Rousseau and Jay were also in The Reatards. BUY THIS RECORD.”
Gap DreamGap Dream” 2012
“This record makes me want to smoke a joint and cruse with the windows down.”
Crazy good stuff here.  Special thanks to drummer Patrick Troxell for hooking us up!
Thanks for stopping by folks, Remember to follow creepoid on twitter, like ’em on Facebook, and buy the new record!!!
well peace out good people of the world,
Peter Winter
twitter: peterwinter38
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