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Top Five Fridays: BATTY

March 22, 2014

Hey Folks,

So it’s no secret that we here at All The Day Sounds think that what’s going down in Philly right now musically is just about the coolest thing ever.  The ol’ city of Brotherly Love is currently home to artists that we would stand up against anyone ANYWHERE right now.  We’ve raved about Cayetana’s music video for “Hot Dad Calendar,” and both Jeff Bolt (drummer for Swearin’, Radiator Hospital, and the man behind cassette tape outfit Stupid Bag Records) and creepoid have taken a turn at sharing some of their favorite jams with us for Top Five Fridays.  The goodness just continues with today’s recommendations from Tiff Cheng, singer and guitarist of BATTY.



I own BATTY’S demo on cassette tape, and it KILLS. The songs are fast, fierce, and hooky (check out “Spent Time”) but also heavy in all the right places ( “Livin’ A Lie,” a crazy dirge of an instrumental).  Having played on the same bill as the likes of  Swearin’ and Screaming Females, BATTY is a must hear for anyone wanting to get their head around the crazy amazingness that is coming out of Philly right now, or just wants to rock out to insanely good music.

But enough from me! Tiff Cheng from BATTY has hooked us up with a tremendous list of jams today, has some great things to say about them, and I’m beyond stoked to be the bearer of her good gifts to you dear reader.  So with out further ado, Enjoy BATTY’S Top Five Fridays!


In School – Demo CS


“In School’s demo has been out for a little while, but I’m still as psyched about it as I was when I heard them for the first time when they opened for Criaturas at The Mitten basement in Philly in 2012.  Front-lady Bidi is hilarious and fearless and has the coolest booming voice.  Guitarist Yumi’s high-pitched guitar riffs provide an awesome, infectious contrast to the heavy thundering rhythms of drummer Golnar and bassist Talya.  With catchy choruses (“Apocryphal scum, I know what you done”), it’s everything I want. For me, it’s also reaffirming and inspiring to see WOC/QPOC play powerful and interesting hardcore punk.  Every single member of the band is also incredibly intelligent and legit and involved in their own awesome projects.  It feels good to be able to be 100% behind a band both musically and on a personal level.  Favorite track: Apocryphal Scum.”


Karen Dalton – It’s So Hard To Tell Who’s Going To Love You The Best


“This is an album that’s made to pluck at your heartstrings real hard.  Karen Dalton was a folk blues musician (singer and banjo-player) from Cherokee background (true American) and a contemporary of Bob Dylan who remained relatively under-the-mainstream-radar.  It’s hard not to sound like a total cheese when writing about this album—but it’s likewise difficult to ignore when her tender raspy-yet-velvety voice cuts in.  It seems she had a few demons in her life, but put it all into her music in the most beautiful and sad way, sometimes with a snarky wink (see track “Sweet Substitute”).  I read somewhere that she had a green thumb and I have this vision of her coaxing plants to life by whispering to them.  You should also look up this French feature on her on Youtube with her singing ‘Blues Jumped the Rabbit.‘  Favorite tracks: Little Bit of Rain, Ribbon Bow, Blues on the Ceiling.”


Beastie Boys – Hello Nasty


“I used to clean homes as a job for a summer and almost exclusively cleaned while blasting the Beastie Boys.  Not that the Beastie Boys need any more accolades, or that I think this record trumps their other standout ones musically, but I want to highlight this album for a somewhat unusual reason.  To me, this album is particularly interesting because it’s a reflection of these snarky NYC party boys who started evolving into really interesting, genuine and intelligent people and community members.  The Beastie Boys had the rare experience of being in a group that started very young and continued to write and play for decades without getting too comfortable or lazy in their success.  I like my fair share of short-lived bursts of genius, but I think that it’s exceptional to see a group kick it for so long and really watch their sound grow as they grow as people.  To go from “Girls” to “Song for the Man”, punk to hip hop, in the lifespan of one music project—it’s pretty nuts, and this album is representative of that to me.  It’s always depressing to see once groundbreaking musicians become parodies of themselves, having hit a wall early on and becoming totally irrelevant—they managed to surpass this.  And if I don’t feel like thinking about the deep shit that gives this album a special place in my heart, I can opt out of that mode and just jam cos the songs are that damn good and catchy.  I read an interview with Kiran Gandhi, who drums for MIA, and at one points she talks about MIA’s music: “…She buries it rhythmically, so if you want to tune into the politics, you can. And if you don’t want to… you can just sit there and just be like Y.A.L.A. and whatever, you don’t have to think twice about it. That is very, very intelligent.”  I think very few people can pull that off, but the Beastie Boys totally did it.  To be serious and nuanced, but still fun and interesting is hard to come by.”


3Jane – Demo


“This 2011 demo is from 3Jane, my friend Nneka’s band from New Brunswick, NJ (also the city I was born in and where I first connected to a DIY music community).  They don’t play too often anymore, but this demo will always be important to me.  It’s heavy, hard, and personal.  Nneka’s vocals are sincere and I heard this demo at a time when I felt like I wanted to play music so badly but was also deeply intimidated by social barriers.  It inspired me to get over many fears and just go for it.  Nneka continues to inspire me day to day—she is incredibly hard-working, real, and genuine. Favorite track: Figure It Out.”


The Holidays – Is This What You Call Art?


“Scrappy, unabashed, pure punk.  This is the solo project of Jim Shomo, Philly punk, and basically an appetizer for his live set, which is what you really wanna catch.  He pre-records backing instruments for his set on a tape that’s amplified live while he screams his head off and plays guitar like a machine gun.  I like it because Jim goes for it 110%.  No frills, smoke or mirrors, vanity or hang-ups. If I go into it anymore that’ll ruin it so that’s that.”


Thanks Tiff!  Killer choices!  Remember to Like BATTY on fb peoples!

Stay tuned for more exciting tunes and news folks!

well peace out good people of the world,

Peter Winter

Peter Winter likes writing about music, he also thinks that “shanghai wendy” would be a great band name.  You can follow him on twitter @peterwinter38

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