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Wednesday Jams: PRIESTS, Cate Le Bon, Art Contest, Maggie Morris

April 9, 2014

Hey Folks,

Well, it’s been awhile all you cool cats.  March was kinduv a bust for me in the whole blogging department as I was on tour with my band Seasons for all that time and that left basically zilch time for sharing music with the masses.  However, “I’m back” as Samwise The Brave once said, and I’m here to share with you all the jams that I’ve been rocking out to lately, so buckle your seat belts and let’s get ready!




I’ve been digging PRIESTS since 2013, after I checked them out cause they were playing a show in DC with HUNTERS and BLEACHED.  After hearing just a couple of their songs on their bandcamp (there’s no other place to listen to them online) I knew I  had to own everything ever recorded by this fierce punk ensemble.  2013’s cassette tape only release “Tape 2″ is  simply amazing and is hands down one of my favorite records of that year.  Short, punchy, tightly written songs led by dark surf guitar and amazing off the wall screamed/sung vocals courtesy of Katie Alice Greer and occasionally Daniele Daniele.  Once you got over your fear that the whole thing was going to fly apart at the drop of a hat, you got the distinct sense that PRIESTS writes really SOLID songs.  “Say No” and “Lillian Hellman” are fast and furious, while “Twelve” is downright beautiful.  Their new record “Bodies and Control and Money and Power” drops June Third via Don Giovanni Records.  From the first seconds of lead single, “Right Wing” you can hear that even though they have intensively cleaned up their sound from the Basement recording sessions of “Tape 1,”  the have lost none of their attack.


Cate Le Bon


So I try to keep these little musical recommendations of mine as current as I can, but I can’t help but blast back to 2013 for this amazing track from Welsh Singer Songwriter/Garage rocker Cate Le Bon.  I recently caught Cate live for the first time in DC at the Black Cat opening for Warpaint (who just dropped a sweet new double video in case you were wondering) Cate wowed me with her distinct vocals, confident guitar chops, and tight band.  Her single from her 2013 album “Mug Museum” is as good as any place to jump into her body of work.  Not only is “Are You With me Now” an excellent garage pop song, but the record itself sounds fantastic.  It has been awhile since I got this excited about how bass and drums sound.



Art Contest


On their new album “Math Major,” South Carolina outfit Art Contest manages a really impressive feat.  They have crafted a record that is just as fun to listen to as it is technically impressive.  Opening track “Banana Boat” is a perfect example of what Art Contest does so well.  The juxtaposition of the song’s playful opening hook with the heavy guitar slamming that occurs for a moment at 1:33 before  smoothly returning to the intro riff  feels balanced, natural, and simply tasty as all get out.  The twin vocals on this album have a fantastic raw, shouted quality while also working well melodically together.  Check out the sweet harmonies that get deployed on the opening moments of “Washing Machine” to hear what I’m talking about.  Finally, this is yet another example of me falling in love with how a record SOUNDS.  There’s a wonderful open quality to “Math Major.”  You can HEAR the room these guys are playing in, and it’s fantastic.



Maggie Morris


Ever since I accidentally caught Maggie’s band Genders  (check out the Top Five Fridays they did for us awhile back!) live late last year and picked up their first full length record “Get Lost” I have been clamoring for more music from these Dreamy Portland rockers.  I was stoked then to stumble upon Maggie’s bandcamp account, which contains an extensive collection of her solo work from even before 2008.  While the shimmering interweaving layered guitar meanderings of Genders are in absentia, there is a wonderful lo-fi quality to everything here. Present are Maggie’s wonderful vocals and lazy ear worm melodies.  The song I link to here, “I Can’t Find It” is simply ace.


Thanks for reading folks!  Keep coming back for more news! There are some sick records that have been dropping recently that I’m stoked to share with you all! We also have some choice talent lined up for Top Five Fridays!


well peace out good people of the world,


Peter Winter


Peter writes about music and tears up when he watches FROZEN.  He is also on twitter. @peterwinter38

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