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All The Day Sounds Coachella Picks Part 1: Ellie Goulding Destroys

April 12, 2014

Hey Folks,

So Coachella is kinduv going on as we speak. Sadly not all of us can be getting the awesomeness on at that glorious celebrations of music and sweat this weekend, but thanks to the magic and mystery of the inter webs, there are THREE different channels streaming the action live.  Pitchfork was kind enough to put all these channels in one place for us all and you can watch by clicking thusly.  We here at All The Day Sounds have taken upon ourselves to share our fav artists and sets as well, if the idea of sifting through three days of live music on three different channels is a bit daunting.

Our first pick of the lot surprised even us as we bestow it on the one the only….

Miss Ellie Goulding

I legit want all of Coachella to go home after that set.

I legit want all of Coachella to go home after that set.



Like most folk in the US I was always a little behind on Ellie’s career. I heard “Lights” when it hit American Radio during it’s legendary 33 week climb to the no. 2 Billboard spot. I dug the song, but it wasn’t until I got into her sophomore effort “Halcyon,” a full year after it’s release that I seriously began following her. Last year I caught her set at iTunes fest and was impressed with her ACE vocals live, but still felt that her live set up was not QUITE matching the atmosphere and drama of her records.

All that has changed.

Armed with a 7 piece band of highly trained assassins (including three STELLAR back up singers that are worth the price of admission alone) and dressed in an outfit that looks a bit like a collaboration between the costume designers of Twilight and Game of Thrones, Ellie DESTROYS in her ‘chella set. From the first moments of set opener “Figure 8,” Goulding and co bring a flawless block of music that is atmospheric and sonically dense yet accessible and dancy as all get out.

As always, I’m going to give a shout out to Ellie’s live vox. This woman legit doesn’t ever seem to miss a note. Her vocalizations are idiosyncratic but still ON POINT. Some of the runs she hit made me want to go run around my house.  I want to butter my toast with Ellie Goulding’s vox.

So enjoy good people! Stay tuned for more of our Coachella picks!

well peace out good people of the world,

Peter Winter

Peter Winter likes writing about music and is both excited and nervous at the idea of Incredibles 2. He is on the twitters. peterwinter38

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