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All The Day Sounds Coachella Picks Part 2: Waxahatchee Reinvents “Swan Dive”

April 14, 2014


Hey Folks, So I’m back with my next Coachella moment!  This one dates back to Friday and goes to Katie Crutchfield, aka Waxahatchee.




photo by Dana (distortion) Yavin

Katie Crutchfield is certainly not a song writer who drowns in an ocean of inadequate pronouns.  In Waxahatchee, her starkly confessional, intimate songs are coupled with a distinct poetic imagery that detail events and experiences we’ve all gone through, yet in a fresh voice we have never heard before.  Which in the end is the point of this whole art thing isn’t it?  During their Friday set, Miss Crutchfield & Co. took the opportunity to reveal a revamped version of one of her strongest songs, “Swan Dive,” off her 2013 Don Giovanni release “Cerulean Salt.” By swapping out the folky 4/4 strum of the album version for a slow 3/4, “Swan Dive” was transformed into a shimmering waltz which made lyrics like:

you hold on to the past, you make yourself miserable
and I’m ruled by seasons and sadness that’s inexplicable
and we will find a way to be lonely any chance we get
and I’ll keep having dreams about loveless marriage and regret

even more devastating….if that is remotely possible.   For further comparison, here is another live version of “Swan Dive” which more closely resembles the album cut.




You can follow Katie Crutchfield on twitter and tumblr…and you should, cause she’s cool.  Also her other project Great Thunder released an excellent album last year entitled “Groovy Kinda Love” that you should all check out.  The LP is out via Salinas Records, with the Cassette out on Stupid Bag.  Finally, Katie’s twin sister Allison Crutchfield plays in the band Swearin’ which is just about my favorite thing ever.  Check out our post about them HERE.  Swearin’ drummer Jeff Bolt provide us with some of his fav records for our Top Five Fridays feature.

You can also check out our other fav Coachella moment HERE.

Keep coming back folks for more of our All The Day Sounds Coachella picks!


well peace out good people of the world,

Peter Winter


Peter Winter likes writing about music.  He has watched this video many times.  He is also on Twitter: peterwinter38

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