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Video of the Week: The Staves “If I Was”

November 12, 2014

Hey Folks,

So after much deliberating, I decided that my video of the week was NOT going to be a music video proper, but rather this 10 minute documentary directed by Dan Huiting and Lauren Josephine detailing the making of English folk trio The Staves‘ newest album “If I Was” released on February 2nd 2015 via Atlantic Records.


Why you ask? Quite frankly, I can not think of a single music video released recently that makes me as excited as this album trailer.  Ok, well Yellow Flicker Beat is ACTUALLY the best thing out right now, but hopefully you are capable of finding that for yourself.  The doc details the Stavely-Taylor sisters adventures recording with none other than Justin Vernon at his picturesque April Base Studios in Fall Creek, Wisconsin.  Vernon invited The Staves to record their sophomore record with him after they supported Bon Iver on that bands’s 2012 tour.  The video details the community the musicians built while working on the album (The Staves had Thanksgiving with Vernon and his family) but the real star of this video is the music.  With a couple of EPs under their belt and a debut album recorded by Glynn AND Ethan Johns, The Staves are not new to the recording process, but if the music heard from “If I Was” on this documentary is any indication, They are about to level up BIG TIME.  Seriously folks, If you have not been moved emotionally by the 1:04 mark in this video, I’m not sure we can do business together.

A big shout out has to go to Justin Vernon’s production.  If you were still somehow on the fence that he is far from a sonic one trick pony, despite the fact that over the past couple years he has released atmospheric rock albums, No frills Blues Rock, and Hip Hop records (and that’s just HIS output not records he has produced) then hopefully what he has done with the The Staves sound will finally convince you that he is one of the most talented and interesting musicians around today.  Vernon does not get in the way of the Staves sound, but rather fulfills it.  He keeps the sisters’ lush harmonies at the forefront while helping them expand their sound to all its icy, cinematic potential.

“If I Was” drops February 2015 on Atlantic.  It is available for preorder here.  Make sure to like the Staves on fb and all that!  The race for best album of 2015 is now officially ON!


well peace out good people of the world,

Peter Winter


Peter Winter is planning to rate every single bad guy in the Marvel Cinematic Universe from worst to best. It’s going to take him awhile.  Find him on the twitters


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