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Video of The Week: Appalachian Folk with Anna & Elizabeth

November 19, 2014


Hey Folks,

So for today’s video of the week, we are heading back to 2012 and deep into the hills of West Virginia to see Appalachian Folk duo Anna & Elizabeth entertain their friends with a cranky they made that details the story of “The Lost Gander” during the Appalachian String Band Music Festival, also known as “Clifftop.”

Now I know dear reader, many of you are thinking and wondering, “What on earth IS a cranky?” Thank you for asking so politely.  Although the easiest way to learn what a cranky is to simply watch the above video, I can do my best to illuminate you all: a cranky is a visual means of story telling based in the Appalachian Folk Tradition.  Scenes of folk songs (usually ballads) are sewn on to fabric which then is run between two scrolls.  The cranky is moved accordingly as the song is performed and the result is the Appalachian Folk equivalent of a Music Video.




Anna & Elizabeth’s mission as artists is not only to keep alive the folk traditions of music and storytelling, but to also inspire people to “create art that feeds, that brings people together to sing, dance, and ask the difficult questions.”  They are getting ready to tour their soon to be released new record, and so I deeply encourage you try and get out to see them.  You can learn more about these fine ladies and their work on their website, as well as on Facebook.  Also their record “Sun to Sun”  is absolutely in ever way imaginable all out stellar. HIGHLY recommend.  I’ll leave you with them playing a track from that record.

Here’s “Old Kimball”


well peace out good people of the world,

Peter Winter

Peter Winter would make Crankies, but he thinks writing on the internet is much easier. You can follow him on twitter where he does not make crankies

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