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Top Five Fridays: Elam Blackman

November 21, 2014
Hey Folks,
It’s time again for Top Five Fridays! Where I go searching far and wide to find a noteworthy connoisseur of taste to share five of their favorite records with the rest of us good folk! Today I am honored to share the musical selections of San Rafael, California songwriter Elam Blackman. I was first introduced to Elam’s clever, stream of consciousness lyrics when his excellent album “Friends” was included in the brilliant Robert Sarazin Blake’s Top Five Fridays earlier this year.  “Friends” is truly an album that draws you in.  Producer Paul Curreri provides the atmospheric frame work for Blackman’s winding lyrics to take you on a journey where you’re not always sure where you’ll end up.  This is night driving music folks.  So ladies and gents with out further ado show some respect for Mr. Elam Blackman:
Elam Blackman

Elam Blackman

 I have to firstly say this is really hard! I own a ton of music and I cherish hundreds of artists. Don’t get me started on 60s soul I could go on and on throwing down track after track. I chose a few people within my circle of friends and a couple i don’t know.

Jesse DeNatale – Shangri La-West


I’ve bought his CD for friends at shows. You need this I’d say and just buy it so they wouldn’t argue. I think I listened to this non-stop for 4 years. It has magic powers it may take a few listens. or you may want to listen to a more recent recording of Jesse but this man is a treasure.
My buddy Paul produced my last album. If you like Friend it was this album that convinced me I had to ask Paul to produce me. I hear someone so immersed in their world that he holds out for magic. There’s alot that isn’t supposed to happen in a record. He breaks many rules. I love this album. It will reward you the more you listen. I feel like this is very much it’s own genre.
When I was recording Friend with Paul he handed me this CD and told me the story of how it had been in his trunk for about 2 years before he listened to it. Songwriters often exchange CDs with each other. This album is rich. His voice everything sonically converging for a great experience every time.
best band on the planet. this is my elvis.
good pal. we did some touring together. i love this record another kerrville connection. that’s where i met robert blake too.
i think the main idea of all these albums is you can listen to them over and over and find something new to love. that is my definition of greatness.
well that’s it for me. i have a thousand other records i want you to listen to but it’ll have to wait.
Thanks Elam!  Folks you can check out Elam’s band camp for more information.  There are only 50 more copies of “Friends” on vinyl so you better move on that.
well peace out good people of the world,
Peter Winter
 Peter Winter wants to have a long discussion with you about the pros and cons of the Beatles catalogue on mono vs. stereo.  He is also on twitter
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