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Top Five Fridays: OLD INDIAN

December 19, 2014

Hey Folks,

It’s finally here good people, and I ain’t talking about Christmas!  It’s time for another installment of Top Five Fridays, where you dear reader are treated to five times the musical goodness as a super sweet artist or band comes on board to share with us five records that they dig.  Today I am so honored to be turning the mike over to Old Indian, a group of serious masters of riff rockery from Frederick Maryland.



I first caught these fine gentleman opening for the equally righteous J. Roddy Walston & The Business.  For a good taste of what these boys can do, one simply has to give a listen to “The Riff” a rather humbly titled cut that nimbly skips from revved up garage rave up to all out Sabbath-esque Doom riff at the drop of a hat.  “The Riff” also features some choice off the cuff  lyrical musings:  “I’ve got a calendar in my room that I never ever use.”  Don’t we all.  So with out further ado give it up for OLD INDIAN.


There’s a lot of good music out there.  Here are some albums we think are good.  Hopefully you can check them out.  Each of us picked out one album that we personally like/ listen to often.  Then the last two are albums we love as a band.


Cory’s Pick:

For me it’s all about tone. Junior kimbrough can hypnotize you with his tone and guitar playing. I’ll get entranced  listening to this album then come out of it feeling schooled in real-ness!  The album is a compilation of recordings from 92 – 97. It sounds raw, gritty, sexual,hypnotic and groovy.I got it as gift from my wife and our record collection is forever grateful!
Evan’s Pick:
To me a record is great if you can let it play all of the way through without skipping any songs, and also not grimacing through the songs worth skipping if there are any. After riding the wave of hipster induced hype over their first record The Strokes released Room On Fire, a confident exploration into tone and quality song writing. This record has The Strokes perfecting their sound and blossoming not just as a trend, but a solid unit that create an attitude heavy wall of sound.
Mark’s Pick:
This band rules! Heavy rock instrumental trio. They jam, but they are not a “Jam” band…they have purpose, a message to get across, and sometimes you have to solo for almost the entire song to do so….. Two song LP with both sides clocking in at a little more than 20 minutes, Side A contains “Flower Travelin Man”  and side B, “Lost in the cold Sun.”   Found this record a couple months ago ( in purple marble colored vinyl) put it on and banged my head the entire time, even while i flipped the record to side B, it was awesome!  I didnt have a care in the world during that 40 minutes..   Now I put it on when I’m practicing at home and pretend like I play backup Bass on the album, as if im a part of a weird Allman Bothers band kinda thing, but with two bass players instead of two drummers!  True story… know what I mean?!?!
Band’s Pick #1:
The sophomore release from one of the most influential bands in rock and roll history. Is it cliche to choose something like this?…not when it is this good. Combining dark and heavy riffology with a jazz infused rhythm section the boys from Birmingham fit multiple parts and changes in each song on the album. Each track stands alone using their swing to carry each groundbreaking riff through tempo and style changes giving the songs a live jam feel from inside the studio.
Band’s Pick #2
This album rules!!! Check it out. Detroit rock and roll.
Killed it gents! Thanks for your time!
OLD INDIAN is on Facebook, and you’re going to want to keep tabs on them cause they are coming up on the release of a new album entitled “Mumble.”  They recently debuted some new tracks for Frederick Playlist which you can check out here!
Thanks for stopping by folks.  Remember to check the archives for other great installments of Top Five Fridays and tune in again next week!
well peace out good people of the world,
Peter Winter
Peter Winter will send you his christmas list if you haven’t decided what to get for him yet.  Or you know, gift cards work.  He’s on twitter. peterwinter38
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