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Top Five Fridays: The Goodbye Party

May 22, 2015

Hey Folks!

Welcome back to Top Five Fridays! That hallowed part of the week where we bring in a new happening individual to provide you with five records that they’ve been digging.  Last week we were in DC hanging with killer post punk band Two Inch Astronaut.  This week we’re headed to Philly, that wonderful DIY/Punk hot spot, to hear from bedroom pop outfit The Goodbye Party.


The Goodbye Party

The Goodbye Party aka Michael Cantor (also of the Ambulars) first came on my radar when Sam Cook-Parrott (Radiator Hospital) described him as one of his favorite songwriters….ever.  With a recommendation like that, I really couldn’t stay away.  The newest Goodbye Party record “Silver Blues,” released back in December of ’14, is a hooky and introspective wonder.  While the lofi aesthetic in the hands of a lesser artist leaves the listener with the feeling that we’re experiencing  an unfinished demo, Michael Cantor is able to use bedroom recording and production to convey intimacy, immediacy, and a sense of sonic honesty.  I was able to catch TGB on tour with Waxahatchee earlier this year and was equally impressed with how the songs translated to a live setting.  I also picked up a killer cassette tape.  So folks give it up for Top Five Fridays with The Goodbye Party! A killer mix of bedroom pop, ambient, jazz, stripped down soul and all around goodness…


I’m bad with superlatives, these are 5 albums I really like right now.

Judee Sill “Heart Food”


This album became a van staple on this recent Goodbye Party tour. Judee Sill was a songwriter, arranger and composer. The record mixes folk, country and classical composition. Her songs are so complex and razor-sharp in terms of craft, but still hit hard emotionally. It’s hard to ignore her checkered past of drug abuse and crime. She’s one of those classic rock ’n’ roll stories of a genius talent getting ignored in their lifetime, only to be revered years later. This the perfect soundtrack for sunset cruisin’ in southern America.


Emitt Rhodes “S/T”


Inscribed on the record matrix are three banners that read “Recorded” “At” “Home,” which feel more like a mission statement than fact. His nickname was the “One-Man Beatles.” That influence is pretty obvious, but these songs are still catchy and well-crafted in their own right. Very inspiring for those of us that record at home.


Benoît Pioulard “Sonnet”


Benoît Pioulard is one of my favorite artists. He records ambient-psych-folk and uses a lot of found-sound and decayed cassette tapes. This record is mostly loops and sound collages but it’s a really engaging album. It feels like it’s own dreamworld, very lush and beautiful.


Kenny Graham and His Satellites “Moondog and Suncat Suites”


I don’t know shit about jazz but this album was recorded by Joe Meek and sounds amazing and otherworldly. Side A is Moondog covers, side B is original material inspired by Moondog. I could listen to the song “Sunday” on repeat for years.


Nina Simone “Nina Simone & PIano”

nina & piano cover

This album is just her powerful voice and piano. It’s somehow sad and uplifting at the same time. Her piano playing is the perfect bed for her raw and honest voice. The High-Priestess of Soul.


Thanks Michael!  Killer stuff.  That Emitt Rhodes record…so amazing.

The Goodbye Party’s newest record “Silver Blues” has been pressed by Salinas and you can pick yourself up a copy right HERE.  Also make sure to Like The Goodbye Party on Facebook.  You can also check out their official site.  They have some shows coming up soon in May and June in Philly and New York! Check em out!

Thanks for reading folks! Tune in next week for another exciting Top Five Fridays, and remember you can always see what you’ve missed in the archives.

well peace out good people of the world,

Peter Winter

Peter Winter is preparing to listen to the entire Lord Of The Rings Trilogy on cassette tape.  You can follow his progress…@peterwinter38

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