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Top Five Fridays: Dentist

May 29, 2015

Hey Folks,

Time for another Top Five Fridays!  Where once a week we bring aboard some super cool folk to curate a list of 5 of their favorite records!  To recap, last week we were in Philly getting killer selections from lo-fi pop act The Goodbye Party!  Now, as 2015 begins to declare itself “Summer,” regardless of whether the seasons as we mere mortals recognize them have yet to officially shift, I can really think of no better band to feature for this week’s Top Five Fridays than Dentist, a happenin’ Asbury Park outfit serving up shimmering helpings of punky surf rock that will have you turning up the volume to match the temperature.



There are a lot of surf rock bands out there.  Dentist is able to distinguish themselves from the pack by melding a wonderfully fuzzed out 90s sensibility into their 60s garage template (dig that glorious guitar solo at the end of “Four Dollar Stoli“).  There is also some killer songwriting going on here.  While their 2014 self-titled record zips by in a catchy, hazy blur, there are standout moments and hooks on every song that make you want to revisit your fav tracks while still loving the album as a whole.

Now folks, grab those ear buds and a cool libation and get ready for Top Five Fridays curated by DENTIST!  Remember, you can hear the albums by clicking that ol’ album title!

———————————————————————————————————————————————–Mrs. Magician-Strange Heaven


Mrs. Magician’s album Strange Heaven is probably the last record we’ve heard that’s perfect from start to finish. Mixing influences of surf, punk, garage, and pop, Mrs. Magician created one of the most enjoyable listens of somewhat recent years. They’re an underrated band that should be checked out immediately for sure.


Modest Mouse-The Lonesome Crowded West


Modest Mouse has many amazing records under their belt, and while Lonesome Crowded West may not be our favorite, it is the one that is probably the most influential for us. It’s a perfect 90’s indie rock record with so much character and charm. This album has held up very well and still sounds just as fresh as it probably did in the 90’s.


Wavves-King Of The Beach


The Wavves album King of the Beach went through a period where it was the most played record in our household. It has elements of catchy surf punk, but also mixed in are songs that are far from straightforward and a bit eccentric. It comes together nicely to make an enjoyable listen straight through. This record also seems to be highly influential to many current bands including ours.


Green Day-Dookie


 Green Day’s Dookie is obviously a classic and a bit of a no brainer, but a record that was listened to all throughout childhood and still gone back to regularly. It’s another perfect record and while some of the songs that were singles seem a bit overplayed at this point, songs like Burnout, Having a Blast, and Pulling Teeth still seem completely fresh. I can only imagine getting to experience this record for the first time and being amazed at how flawless it is. They’ve since gone on to do some good things and some bad, but this record will always be one that we can enjoy.




Weezer’s Pinkerton is another childhood record that just refuses to stop sounding good. The raw sound and emotion that went into this record is something that Weezer was never able to duplicate and probably never wanted to, but for a certain group of people, it was an instant classic. It’s another record that’s a bit of a no brainer and most people would probably see this and be like, “no shit,” but it’s a record that we can’t stop listening to.


Killer records guys!  Quite possibly the catchiest assemblage of tunes we’ve had yet!

Ok people you can download the great jams of Dentist HERE.  You can also LIKE them over on Facebook.  Visit their website for upcoming tour dates.  On 6/5 they will be playing U Street Music Hall in DC with JEFF THE BROTHERHOOD and Black Sparks.  I don’t think I’ll be able to stay away from that show.  Remember folks you can check out more Top Five Fridays by visiting the ol’ archive! Be sure to tune in next week for more hot tunes!

well peace out good people of the world,

Peter Winter

Peter bought a bottle of Buffalo Trace…then Girls Season 1 went up for free on Amazon Prime…life hasn’t been the same since.  You can follow him on twitter @peterwinter38

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