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Top Five Fridays: Left & Right

October 23, 2015
Hey Folks,
Welcome to another exciting Top Five Fridays (#T5F)!  The part of the week where a a happening individual that knows which way the wind blows shows up to share five great records they cherish with the rest of us! Last week we were across the pond in England as blogger nightrocker (the curator of the site “Prey To None,” a blog dedicated to the live performances of singer-songwriter Laura Marling) shared his top five favorite Laura Marling live performances of all time.  Today we’re back in Philly to hang with the gut punch punk of Left & Right. These guys hail from Charlottesville, VA but are currently calling the city of brotherly love home (let’s face it, like so many amazing bands right now).

Left & Right

Like alot of bands I discover coming through Harrisburg PA, I found these guys when they stopped to play a quick day time show at Little Amps Coffee (Seriously folks if you want to know what’s going down in this town be sure to give Little Amps a like on facebook).  Intrigued, I checked out their 2014 album “Five Year Plan” and was totally sold from the first moments of the opening title track.  “5 Year Plan” starts with some slow guitar interplay before exploding into a rough and ready anthemic chorus that make you want to dance and break stuff all at the same time.  Quite simply, it’s the best damn opening track I’ve heard in some time.  I would be amiss if I did NOT mention that these boys are touring their way down to FEST 14 and are stopping in the ‘burg to play a show on Sunday at HMAC. Do yourself a favor and buy a ticket.
I love when bands try to find a uniting thread for the albums they select for T5F, and the gents of Left & Right take the idea in a totally new direction, selecting albums by bands they have toured with.  Honestly, it’s one of the single strongest collections of music that has ever been served up on TF5, written with insight and humor.  I’m super excited to share all these great records with you all.  Give it up for Left & Right!
 they are one of the best bands we’ve played some of the worst shows ever with. one was in delaware, no one was there. we opened for a band where a big fat guy wore a giant cat suit and walked around on the bar knocking stuff over. we also played a show in DC with them on their drummers birthday. no one was there. the stage was incredibly tiny and had a low wall blocking the view. karl started playing the set crouched down entirely hidden by this stupid wall at this stupid venue that shouldn’t have been having shows in the first place. we also played a head shop disguised as a record shop with them but there were actually people at that show so things are really looking up for these cats.
– they are from the swamps of lafayette louisiana. they are all about the shred. kinda imagine dinosaur jr if they wanted to have more fun. one time i learned all their songs on drums just so we could play a show with them in new orleans while their drummer was away on some camping trip. i wished they toured in a shrimp boat. i hope they get famous
– these guys are great. we’ve stayed at their drummer sean’s house a few times and we always make a fire out back and talk about the possibility of extra terrestrials. i think this is the closest to pop-punk any of us are going to get on board with. you can’t argue with those guitars though. their records are pristinely recorded.
– i feel very very lucky that we met these guys. we set up a show at an art gallery in providence and found this ep on bandcamp and while it’s very good, it doesn’t do them justice. they’re really incredible live. i don’t know if they’d be upset at mentioning this but they’re all older, which translates into a self assured and confident band that just enjoys themselves for the hell of it when they’re ripping. they have mores stuff coming out soon and i’m really excited to hear it because it’s going to rule hard. if we ever get famous enough to take someone on tour i think they’re the first ones we’re going to ask.
– these guys are just a bands band. super tight, they all seem like they have jazz chops. they go to school at oberlin which is a killer conservatory and college that i couldn’t get into when i was applying to schools so they’re all probably smarter than me as well. i think this album sounds the way it feels to get drunk and be alone in the dark and fall asleep on the couch.
Thanks guys! Totally dig the insights on the records and the war stories from the road!
I would suggest stopping by their bandcamp good people.  Left & Right are down to the last amount of vinyl pressings of their album on WarHen records, so go here if you want one! Don’t delay! Be sure to check ’em out on facebook as well.
Remember folks, these gents are on tour as they travel down to FEST 14, so check those tour date here.  You can catch these guys in Harrisburg at HMAC this Sunday playing with Darren Keen.  Don’t miss it.  Seriously.  Buy your tix NOW. Here is a link.
Remember you can check all the great Top Five Fridays of the past by visiting the ARCHIVE
well peace out good people of the world,
Peter Winter
Peter Winter is going to try really hard to talk about things besides Star Wars in the days leading up to Force Awakens.  You can follow him on Twitter @peterwinter38 and see if he succeeds.
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