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Top Five Fridays: Salinas Records

October 30, 2015

Hey Folks,

Welcome back to Top Five Fridays (#TF5)!  Where I get to hang with some cool cat who brings five records to share with all you good readers!

As many of you frequent readers know, I have a deep love for the Philly DIY Scene.  One of my first posts ever, involved gushing about how much I love Swearin,’ and I’ve had both Jeff Bolt (Radiator Hospital, Swearin,’ Stupid Bag Records) and Michael Cantor (The Goodbye Party, The Ambulars) both on board for editions of Top Five Fridays.  Following this trail of musical bread crumbs, It was only a matter of times before I ended up getting in touch with Marco Reosti, the man behind Detroit based Salinas Records, the label responsible for bringing all of these artists to vinyl.


I could mention the praises that have been heaped on Salinas Records in its 12 years.  I could mention that Impose Magazine included it in their roundup of the best record labels of 2014 saying, “We’re hard pressed to think of a label that put out a more excellent collection of pop-punk, guitar pop and power pop this year.”  Honestly though, it’s far more effective to let the band’s incredibly impressive roster speak for itself.  The Salinas catalog is a veritable “who’s who” of major players on the DIY scene including not only must hear Philly acts such as Katie Crutchfield’s and Keith Spencer’s colab project Great Thunder, but also bands from across the country such as Ohio’s All Dogs, Detroit’s Bonny Doon and San Francisco’s joyride!  Also I would be not doing my job if I didn’t mention Salinas also has a 7″ of Waxahatchee, Screaming Females, Swearin,’ and Upset  performing Guided by Voices covers…what more do you WANT from life?

So fasten your seat belts folks, I am incredibly grateful for Marco taking time to be part of this pet project of mine.  He has provided me with so many of my favorite records, it was high time I heard about five of his.

An incredible record by any standard, but so much more important to me because it came out of a community of people that were doing really inspiring stuff in the early 2000s.  Jamie from Bent Outta Shape sent me a cassette tape of this record before it came out, adorned with handmade artwork in his trademark style.  The tape was in my late model Buick back in 2008 when the car was stolen, and the loss of the tape was far more upsetting than the loss of the car.  Devastatingly, our community would lose Jamie later that same year.

Duh.  “The Boat Dreams From The Hill” is what music should sound like.

One of my oldest friends put “La Familia” on a mixtape for me when I was in my early twenties.  I remember thinking that it had this incredible sound to it, like nothing I really listened to at the time.  It’s that much better that from what I know it was recorded without a lot of fancy studio magic.  I once saw Mirah perform in the lobby of the Guardian Building in Detroit, a beautiful relic of 1920’s art deco architecture.  I have rarely ever seen a musician and venue matched so well.

Coming of age in the Midwest at the turn of the century, bands like The Promise Ring and Braid regularly came through town and played shows with locals like Empire State Games and Small Brown Bike.  Of all of the records of that era, this one is my favorite.  I think it holds up best because it took a few more chances.  From the way the a-side flows, to he clean simple artwork, I love everything about this record.

Slang was a band from Gainesville, Florida.  I saw them play a show at a house in Lansing, Michigan that my friend Shawn Quinn ran.  That venue played incredibly important role in shaping the person who I am today.  Shawn, his brother and their friends ran the house solely for the love of music, a noble value.  Through the house I met my wife, many of my closest friends, and was introduced to a lot of great music that holds a special part in my heart.  This records has a similarly noble feel:  Hand screened covers for an honest and beautiful record by a far too obscure band.

Thanks so much Marco.
Here’s the deal folks, go to Salinas right now, buy a record. That’s right.  Go Here. It’s the best way for you to spend $10.  That’s right not $20, not $15, $10.  Instead of buying Wendys for you and your friend, you could have the new All Dogs LP.  Or Groovy Kinda Love by Great Thunder. Or Torch Song by Radiator Hospital.  Or Surfing Strange by Swearin’ or Silver Blues by The Goodbye Party! Oh heck. For your listening pleasure and guidance, click HERE for a playlist I made just for you comprised of some choice Salinas tracks.  Listen, enjoy, THEN go buy a record.

well peace out good people of the world,

Peter Winter


If you missed the rant that just happened moments ago, Peter thinks that you should buy an LP instead of taking you and your friend out to Wendys.  Just don’t tell your friend what they missed out on. Peter is on twitter @peterwinter38


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