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First Steps into a Larger World: Navigating the New Era of Star Wars with The Force as Our Ally

December 21, 2015

Hey Folks,
This goes out to all of you who have reached out to me and sincerely cared about what I thought regarding Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. I am sincerely flattered and honored that ya’ll care. Rest assured that this is only the tip of the iceberg for my thoughts and reflections on the film. Like all things I get passionate about, I’m going to keep talking about this long after you all wish I would shut up and go home. After a lot of pondering and two viewings, these are my initial thoughts:
We’ve been given a gift. Somehow, for this film anyway, Lucasfilm has been able to produce a film that should honestly be able to please all sects of Star Wars fans. Force Awakens has moments for the Nostalgists, for the Original Trilogy Fans, For the Full Saga Followers, and even (in a very welcome surprise) The Expanded Universe/Legends crowd.


We’ve been given a common ground. A film that to an Original Trilogy Fan is a spunky back to basics, and to a Saga Fan with extreme Expanded Universe loyalties like me, this is a film firmly entrenched in the now 66 year legacy of the Skywalker family; continuing and playing with the themes that have been put down since the beginning and based around one of the most respected story arcs from The Expanded Universe.  An OT fan loves this film cause it is so not “The Phantom Menace,” yet for me this film IS “The Phantom Menace.”  I am behind this film because it has deepened my love of the saga so far. We’ve indeed been given a gift my friends. So what do we do with it? To put it bluntly, let’s all try not to be assholes and ruin it.


It is a time of Civil War. It is clear to me now that the Star Wars fandom will never stand as a united whole. Honestly how could we? Star Wars has been around for too long and is simply too big for all of us to love it for the same reasons. I don’t think we need a fandom where we all agree, what we DO need is a fandom where we can all get along. Anyone who spends anytime on the internet (or perhaps just TALKING to Star Wars fans) knows that we’re not really the most civil characters in the galaxy.  For a saga touting the axiom “Many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our own point of view” I find Star Wars fans the most insensitive and aggressive people when it comes to opinions that they do not share. My advice to make the galaxy a better place? Don’t give into Anger…we all know where that leads. Your fandom should be about something you love giving you positive energy. That’s what Star Wars has always been about for me.  Every time you’re about to write something hurtful and negative about an aspect of The Star Wars Universe, stop and think about the faction of fans that you’re probably going to hurt by your comments. Write something you actually LIKE about Star Wars.  Let your fandom be about movies you love, not movies you loath. 

It’s time to start making the universe a more positive place, and with that after being a fan for 20 years I’m taking this chance to announce the roll out of “No Disintegrations” the official Peter Winter exclusively Star Wars blog. Inspired by the golden age of Star Wars scholarship we live in and following in the footsteps of masterful Saga Scholars such as G Trull (aka Lard biscuit) Trica Barr (fangirl) and Paul F. McDonald (force heresies) “No Disintegrations” will be a site dedicated to a holistic view of The Star Wars Saga and is set to roll out sometime in the first quarter of 2016. I have several ideas I’m working on at the moment, most of which are based on Force Awakens and how it varies and perpetuates the themes of the entire saga that comes before. I also have a pet project that I’ve been thinking about for years trying Dark Empire into the canon of I-VI.
We will see where this new era of “Star Wars Incorporated” takes us my friends. Honestly though? I can’t really have foreseen it getting off to a better start.

peace out good people of the world,

Peter Winter
Peter tweets @peterwinter38 and is almost done with his Christmas Shopping.

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