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Top Five Fridays: Idle Bloom

March 18, 2016
Hey Folks,
Today for Top Five Fridays, we’re off for the first time ever to  Nashville, Tennessee, where guitar rockers Idle Bloom will be taking us on a walk through five records they hold near and dear.  I am so incredibly excited to be working with this crew for T5F; their December 2015 cassette tape “Some Paranoia” released on Nashville label Theory Eight Records is basically surgically grafted into my tape deck and stands untouchable at the top of my “2015 Albums that would have been on the top of my year end list but I didn’t discover them till 2016” list.  I am just such a fan of how these cats are able to fuse melodic rock with crushingly heavy and urgent riffs.  It’s almost as if All Dogs and Black Sabbath made a baby, and that baby made a cassette tape that I can’t stop listening to.
 Idle Bloom came on to my listening radar due to their part in the farewell tour of beloved Nashville rock ‘n’ roll outfit Those Darlins.  Given that Those Darlins have never brought a Nashville act on tour with them that did not melt serious face, I quickly purchased “Some Paranoia”and as mentioned before, I have been  unable to stop listening.  Although there is not a weak track among the 6 songs that make up “Some Paranoia,” I have to give a special shout out to the second to last track on the EP, “Pride Line.”  As one monster riff cascades over another, framing a defiantly memorable vocal line, one wonders if it is even possible for the track to rock any harder; then the 2:55 moment hits, and you realize it most certainly is.  With out further ado, give it up for Idle Bloom and their Top Five Friday!
We chose an important album to us all + each of us chose either an influential album from way back or a current dig.
Idle Bloom’s Pick:
       We all have such diverse tastes which makes our tour soundtrack really interesting. This we can all get down to, especially on a sun filled long drive.
Katie’s Pick:
I was in a weird LA goth bar that made me feel like I was in either The Matrix or Blade. The DJ was playing High Functioning Flesh. It was a perfect setting for this album to be heard for the first time and I haven’t stopped listening to it since. The album is reminiscent of Alien Sex Fiend in the sense that the vocals are aggressively punk while the music itself falls somewhere between industrial rhythmics and danceable, cold synth-pop. They’re about to go on tour, so I highly recommend checking them out if they come through your city.
Olivia’s Pick:
Ok, this year marks the 20th anniversary of this iconic record. All of my friends know how much I love Tori Amos and I kind of have to pick this record. No other artist has impacted me so much. It’s so hard to just pick ONE record! SO yeah, I love lots of stuff but Tori Amos is in my personal holy trinity. She’s such an amazing composer and lyricist, it’s crazy to think that people even mock her (death to haters). This record is a concept record essentially, having to do with the fire goddess Pele and some experiences she had tripping on Ayahuasca…I probably haven’t grasped all the nuances and I’ve listened to this record a million times. Some of these songs are OUT THERE which makes them even more interesting. She’s a damn genius and this record is from top to bottom perfection.
Weston’s Pick:
I forget how I originally discovered Boards of Canada, but it was sometime early in high school. I’d heard a song here and there and was struck by the subtlety and feeling of nostalgia their songs invoked. I remember finally buying “Geogaddi” at Tower Records. When I put that CD on in the car as I pulled out of the parking lot, my perception of how music could affect me on an emotional level was forever changed. The ebb and flow of this record is as enigmatic and complex as the band themselves. Be it the melancholic psychedelia of the track “Sunshine Recorder,” the undulating, percussive fever dream of “Gyroscope,” or the mysterium and foreboding of “You Could Feel the Sky,” this album never fails to grab me in one way or another. I’ve since picked up the vinyl reissue which has me enjoying “Geogaddi” in a whole new light.
Callan’s Picks:
I was a junior in high school and was riding through the North Carolina mountains when I first heard Souvlaki. My friend put it on without any preface and I completely lost my shit. I felt swept away by it– the mix of textures and dynamics, the way the guitars swirl around themselves, the way the songs swell up and melt. I was so inspired by the different sounds they were able to get out of a guitar and that really influenced me as a musician. There’s such a melancholic beauty to the record that still moves me despite having listened to it a near-embarrassing number of times. Plus Eno co-wrote two of the songs and that’s cool as hell!
Thank you so much Idle Bloom!  I would like to shout out to Aaron Hartley of theory eight records for helping get all of this together.  Check out that label folks, every artist is pure gold.
As mentioned before, Idle Bloom was out on the very last tour of Nashville legends Those Darlins this week.  I hope you were able to make one of the shows. They also have some dates of their own.
Idle Bloom has recently finished recording their full length debut record.  If that is not enough to make you excited, they worked with the man the myth the legend Kyle Gilbride himself.  This thing is going to slay.
Besides their official site, Idle Bloom is on facebook and twitter. Click all those links so as not to miss out on the LP announcement and other fun stuff!
well peace out good people of the world,
Peter Winter
Peter Winter loves rock ‘n’ roll, tacos, beer and Star Wars.  You might have things in common. You might be friends. He tweets @peterwinter38
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