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Top Five Fridays: Justin and The Cosmics

March 25, 2016
Hey Folks,
It’s time for PART II of All The Day Sounds’ Great Nashville Adventure!  Last week we hung out with the layered guitar rocking goodness of Idle Bloom as they took us on a journey through five of their fav LPs, and this week we’re staying in good ol’ Music City to hang out with Justin Collins, the brains and all around ring leader behind the punk fuled glam garage outfit Justin and The Cosmics.
Like Idle Bloom last week, I came upon the “punk-mericana” musical musings of Justin and the Cosmics due to their involvement with the farewell tour of now newly defunct Nashville Rock ‘n’ Roll outfit Those Darlins.  I can not say how thankful I am to the Darlins for always taking fantastic Nashville talent on the road with them.
Justin and the Cosmics 2015 release “Schooly Dreams” is one of those records that elegantly crosses the line between rock ‘n’ roll and singer/songwriter.  It is an album that is able to draw on Bowie/Lou Reed/T. Rex Glam Garage influences and harness them while twisting them into its own voice and sound, which is no easy feat.  Seconds into songs like “Rippin’ The Heart,” you feel like you’re listening to a record you’ve loved all your life, but you haven’t, and you’re glad as all get out that you’ve found it.  Justin Collins is a man who knows how to make a record kick, as evidenced by his excellent production work with Adam Landry as part of the production duo Cosmic Thug; producing kick ass records for the likes of rock ‘n’ rollers Diamond Rugs.
One of the reasons I enjoy Top Five Fridays is that I love listening to musicians talk and write about music they love, and today I am reminded of that all over again. Justin Collins has give me one of the most damn poetic run downs of albums I could have ever hoped for.  Seriously.  Any man who writes sentences like “Teardrops behind sunglasses in the sunshine and secret vices to pull you through the long night” gets my vote.  That line should really be in a song Justin.  Also I think I am going to get Justin to write my blog for me from now on.
Give it up ladies and gentleman for Top Five Fridays brought to you by Justin and The Cosmics!
Top Five Albums (in no particular order) that NEVER GET OLD to me:
Their first album. There have been times in my life since I first heard this album in the 1990’s that I wondered if I should keep my love for it in the closet because it was so personal to me. It was always like my secret girlfriend that I wanted all to myself and for no one else to have or even know existed. It’s gloriously depressed, the dreamiest of the dreamiest, with irresistibly intoxicating vocals and melodies and grooves that make you feel proud of being sad.  A true original record. Teardrops behind sunglasses in the sunshine and secret vices to pull you through the long night. I’ve probably listened to this album more than any other album in my life.
An album produced by Phil Spector. Allegedly, Cohen hated making it, not unlike myriads of others who made records with the iconic lunatic. Cohen always delivers lyrically and has his own definitive style, but on this album his voice is stretched unlike ever before to a backdrop of nearly psychedelic doo-wop. Full of spiritual longing, deep heartache, life acceptances, and exaulted exhaustion. My kind of cocktail.
Under the radar dude outside of  Asheville, NC. Raw and haunting home recordings with brilliant, soothing melodies and nearly tropical/ jungle rhythms. At times it’s almost classy with virtuoso chops and gospel tendencies, but that’s all over-coated with it’s low fidelity atmosphere, edgy substance, and sharp witted sensibility. More people need to know this album.
Maybe the perfect rock n roll album? Iggy’s vocals are excruciatingly present and urgent and his soul sounds like its gonna blow your speakers up on this one.  Produced by David Bowie (who also produced Lou Reed’s shocking classic Transformer in the same era), perfectly crafted and recorded songs with wreckless abandon. It’s truly glamorous in a New York dumpster diving kind of way. Dark at times, yet utterly touching and uplifting. It makes you want to fuck off and dance and it makes you want to sell all of your shit and take off down the road.
Nashville living legend. Maybe the only true country artist left in this town? He’s an absolute modern day wordsmith that plays country the right way. A “timeless classic” captured in bare bone form. The words are so omniscient and pure in expression that you find yourself perplexed at how he was able to put what is in your own head into one of his own songs so precisely and effortlessly. It’s deep, sad, redeeming, heartbreaking, hilarious at times, and real as a mug. Drinking and crying music.
Thanks so much Justin!  Anytime I end up with a list that includes BOTH Iggy Pop and Mazzy Star I know I’m working with an artist with my kind of sensibilities.
You know the drill folks, be sure to check out Justin and The Cosmics on their official site, like ’em on facebook, follow them on twitter, and do the same on instagram.  For more info on gigs, check out their SHOWS.  Finally, Justin and his partner in crime Adam Landry are producing some great music over at Cosmic Thug.  I do recommend you go check that out over HERE.
Remember you can check out all the past Top Five Fridays (including last week’s Nashville adventure with Hard rocking guitar heroes Idle Bloom) in the ARCHIVES.
well peace out good people of the world,
Peter Winter
Peter Winter will defend Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice.  Sure it had bad pacing, but there are undeniably great moments in that film.  He tweets that and other such nonsense @peterwinter38
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