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Top Five Fridays: Summer Flake

April 22, 2016
Hey Folks,

Welcome back to a new edition of Top Five Fridays, where today yet another great artist will be picking out five albums they think the rest of us should know all about.  This week we’re in Melbourne, Australia for to hang out with Stephanie Crase of Summer Flake, hot off the April 8th release off her newest record “Hello Friends,” a first rate exercise in sullen garagey rock ‘n’ roll poetics.  This the very first installment of Top Five Fridays to feature an artist from Oz, and I couldn’t have found a better artist to work with!


Summer Flake

My musical introduction to Summer Flake was a cassette copy of her stand out EP “Time Rolls By.”  It’s quite an adventure getting a cassette tape from Australia to Pennsylvania, and I really appreciate Steph taking the time to ship it out to me.  From the moment of opening track ““Number One” I knew it was worth the long and arduous journey that lil’ cassette made to my tape deck. Summer Flake produces the kind of melodic hooks that draw you in from the first moment and mixes that in with warm harmonies and guitars that do exactly what they should.  With out further ado, give it up for Top Five Fridays as curated by Steph Crase!
I was just thinking recently about the idea of all time/ best/ favourite/ definitive albums and it kind of paralysed me and softened my brain for a few days. Then i snapped out of it and just thought here are a couple good ones anyone can enjoy.
Even though I watch Jessica Jones, and did Buffy back when it was contemporary, vampires and supernatural themes are not my usual taste…. in lyric themes. It spoke to me more about kinda empowerment/ body/ confidence in a nice identity push-pull, spindly but strong. And you know what, more than the words and singing I just obsess over that loud lazy messy tone – Mary Timony is obviously a super talented guitarist, one of my favs – she plays with distortion, feedback and textures and stuff, scratching over the string tensions between the bridge and tremolo. You know Sonic Youth ripped her off Helium on “Sunday.”
This is all beautiful simple warm melancholic album, just a nylon string guitar and vocals. The only clip i can find of her is singing briefly on a ferry with her kids in “Alice in the Cities” (Wim Wenders 1974). So pretty. Sibylle Baier, Vashti Bunyan, Buffy St Marie, Judee Sill, Karen Dalton, Nico and more – I get into these youtube holes with them.
I love these guys, from Sydney. This is practically a brand new release.  They remind me of Sebadoh. I saw them most recently in Adelaide at the Metro where gigs run later and later and everyone gets drunk enough to dance to bands they’ve never heard and blow smoke in through the open windows. It’s the dream.
Cortez The Killer is one of the best songs of all time, and this album is pretty perfect. And you know the story that the recording of Cortez – it was meant to be a much longer song but it cut out during power failure so they just faded it out. That’s luxury.
I read the Anwen Crawford Live Through This 33 1/3 book the other day and it reminded me how this album gave so many people, myself included, another view of a female musician – how with this album Courtney Love gave us permission to represent simultaneous conflicting ideas. It’s one of the few albums from my teens that I genuinely go to for enjoyment not just nostalgia.
Thanks Steph! I couldn’t agree more about that Sibylle Baier record.  It’s perfect in every way.

Ok, folks be sure to LIKE Summer Flake on facebook, and give a follow on twitter . You can also be a revolutionary and take home some music HERE.  Steph is actually running a sweet deal where you can download the full discography for 35% off.  Her new album “Hello Friends” released on Rice is Nice, is all shades of excellent.  As I said earlier, I’m also a crazy fan of her “Time Rolls By” Cassette EP…heads up there is only one more copy of that bad boy.  It should be yours. It could be yours.

 Thanks for reading everyone! Remember you can read all past Top Five Fridays over in the archive section!

well peace out good people of the world,

Peter Winter


Peter Winter likes lots of music, beer, and tacos.  He also liked Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice more than most people.  He hopes that is not a deal breaker.  He’s on twitter @peterwinter38



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