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Top Five Fridays: Oxblood

February 24, 2017

Hey Folks!

Welcome to the kick off of the newest season of Top Five Fridays, where every week a great artist comes on board and shares five records they love!  This week I couldn’t be happier to be hosting Aimee Lin, the principle singer/songwriter/guitar player behind Oxblood, a dreamy power pop trio based out of Philly!


I first encountered Oxblood thanks to their split EP with the equally wonderful Philly outfit CABBAGE.  It’s so great to find music that just feels effortless.  Songs that from the very first bar, you connect with.  For me that is the intimate sounds of Oxblood. Each of these songs are perfectly crafted, chilled out power pop nuggets of the highest order.  Don’t listen to my words though, just take a moment and allow the EP’s opening track “ryan” to wash all over you.  After you have done that, sit back, relax and allow Aimee to share some fantabulous LPs!


hi! this is aimee from oxblood. i moved to baltimore from philadelphia so we don’t play shows very often. i am also a visual artist and find that there’s a strange dichotomy where i cannot work on my art if i am focused on writing a song, and if i am making an album, it is hard to carry out my projects.
usually i put on a tv show or documentary as background noise when i am working instead of playing music. for me, listening to music all the time or as background noise makes it less special for me. when i do listen to music, i find myself listening to the same songs or albums on repeat. here is my “top 5” in no particular order:
like everyone else, twin peaks introduced me to julee cruise. whenever she sings i feel like i am in some sort of magical trance. the other day i danced to her music while in a diner and it was so great!
favorite song: get disowned
this album has stayed with me for the last five years and it never gets old.  frances quinlan’s voice is incredible.
favorite song: syrup/shitbaby
it is very hard for me to pick a favorite song from this album as i always play whole thing from start to finish whenever i listen to it. it feels like one huge, wonderful dive into a magical pocket. it is one of the most beautiful things ever created.
favorite song: two headed boy part two (and engine, which is not on this album but i felt the need to write it)
when i first started listening to neutral milk hotel, i was incredibly disappointed when i found out that they had stopped making music a long time ago. miraculously, two years later i saw them play their first show in 15 years at a church in baltimore. it was a very intimate experience and they played my two favorite songs last (one for the encore). i don’t listen to this album much anymore, but it has played a very significant part in my life and i always come back to it every now and then. the only time i ever kind of babysat was for a couple who’s first dance at their wedding was to neutral milk hotel.
favorite song: eye in the sky 
i grew up listening to this song a lot. on long road trips and drives to school, my dad would play his mixtape which were full of great songs. there was lots of abba, beegees, simon and garfunkel, tears for fears, enya, etc. it was pretty wide range of music that also included phantom of the opera (the sarah brightman version).
Thank you so much Aimee!
ok people, you can hit up the sounds of Oxblood on their bandcamp.  Also make sure you like ’em on facebook in case a show is going down!
Remember you can catch up on past Top Five Fridays (including installments from philly musical stalwarts such as Abi Reimold and Radiator Hospital) over in the ARCHIVES!  Finally, remember to tune in NEXT week for another exciting edition of Top Five Fridays!
well peace out good people of the world,
Peter Winter
Peter is absolutely stoked about this new season of T5F and hopes you come along for the journey! He’s tweeting @peterwinter38
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