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Top Five Fridays: Concrete Beach

April 7, 2017

Hey Folks,

Time for another Top Five Fridays, where a great band comes around and talks shop on some albums that make their world rotate.  Today I’m stoked to be in my home stomping grounds of Harrisburg, PA talking with (in my humble opinion) the best damn rock ‘n’ roll band in these here parts: Concrete Beach.



I first heard rumblings of this astute rock ‘n’ roll outfit around town, but I didn’t get to hear them kill it till I picked up a cassette copy of their 2016 record “Susquehanna Punch” at Little Amps Coffee.  From the second the guitar kicks in on album opener “Wormleysburg Yacht Club” I was hooked.  These gents know how to serve up garage, surf and psych in all the right amounts to have you calling out for more.  Without further ado, give it up for Top Five Fridays as presented by Concrete Beach!


Andy started writing some rock and roll songs. He was lonely so he thought to himself, stop being a lazy bones and start playing with and for people. He started jamming with drummer boy Matt. The idea was to write some fun, dance hall songs that the people could enjoy. Bass boy Zac joined, bringing his psychadelic roots and knowledge for song structure. The songs grew slightly more sophisticated. Lead ripper John boy was the last, but not least, to come aboard. His punk roots and soaring guitar leads added depth and style to the songs, while his denim and motorcycle gave the band its edgy attitude.
The band came together rather organically, never really stating from where influences came. This is their best attempt at putting some names to their sound.



Matt – Drumsstatic1.squarespace.jpg

“My album is Analphabetatology by Cap’n Jazz. It is not a true album, but rather a compilation of songs that Tim Kinsella and his band wrote while under the name Cap’n Jazz. I particularly enjoy the quick, hi-energy,angular drumming by Tim’s brother Mike Kinsella, who I have been a long time fan of as well. Particularly though the youthful and high energy nature of the drumming in Cap’n jazz’ writing was what I hoped to bring to Concrete Beach. I am by no means capable of the mathy drumming of Cap’n Jazz, but its style and energy is what I aspire to.”
Zac – Bass
“I was listening to a lot of WITCH, a band that pioneered “zamrock”.  I really liked the mix, especially the way the lead guitars were recorded.  It’s garage influenced but carries other elements of funk, R&B, and psych with great rhythm section.”
Johnny – Guitar
King Crimson: In the Court of the Crimson King – The album touches every extreme on all sides of the creative spectrum. The gentle wash of lows.. The manic blitz of highs.. The lightning speed and clockwork precision of a band playing perfectly together, the raw technical magnificence.. The ethereal, mellow rushes, the eighty-foot tall tidal waves of slow building emotion. Less a demonstration in what to play, and more an instruction manual on how to play it. A masterpiece in composition and mood. Not just one you hear, but one you feel – sometimes as a gentle breeze, others as a bullet train. As of now, this recording has stood tall for almost – literally – a half a century. That says it all…Pumped I’ve gotten to introduce a bunch of people to this album, cheers bräj.”
Andy – Guitar, Vocals
Manipulator – Ty Segall is a song writing prodigy, brandishing eight studio albums (among numerous other releases) at only 29 years of age. I surely take influence from Ty. His early washed out garage rock sound caught my ear. He packs in a lot of energy and excitement into his work. I found out recently that we share a similar song writing process: chords, melody, structure, lyrics. Fuzzy guitar riffs most often shine as the main focus of the songs with reverby soundscapes on top of pop rock song structures and vocal hooks. Susquehanna Punch stands as a pop record but we tried to keep it fresh by varying style from song to song. Just as Manipulator gets songs stuck in your head, but also brings an interesting mix of fresh sounds through out the record. All I want is to make some good ole rock n roll.”



Thanks guys!  Alright folks be sure to give these happening lads a like on facebook.  They absolutely slay live and you don’t want to miss out on the goodness.  Remember you can listen/purchase their jams over on their bandcamp.  Special thanks to Little Amps Coffee for spreading the word on the happening ‘burg scene, and selling killer cassettes and records. Oh and also great coffee.


Remember if you enjoyed today’s episode of Top Five Fridays, you can always find more goodness over in the archives, as well as stop back in next week for another installment!


well peace out good people of the world,


Peter Winter


Peter Winter is tweeting at @peterwinter38 give him a follow if you like music, food, and Star Wars.

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